Building on the legacy of ethnic aesthetics, MTJ honors the true values that weave the fabric of our nation.

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Why the MTJ Brand?

On the internet and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this was the most frequently asked question about the brand. What is the purpose of this venture, as well as Maulana Tariq Jameel's brand launch? Maulana responded to the questions, criticisms, and charges in public. The real story behind the MTJ Clothing Company.

Maulana claims to have spent a significant amount of time teaching others. For more than three decades, he has been educating people about the "meaning of life," the "value of religion," and "human rights." He also emphasized the value of not seeking monetary recompense for his fame and services during his lifetime.

The Story of the MTJ Brand:

Maulana's approach is reasonable; he wants to teach Pakistanis, after all. He wants to construct an ecosystem that will allow the mission to continue when he is gone. A wide range of acceptable ideas makes up the ecosystem. Let's take a closer look at each one individually.

Maulana is certain that MTJ Brand will assist him in achieving his educational and reform objectives. It's worth noting that Maulana is aiding the government in its efforts to eradicate poverty and hunger. Maulana already has his MTJ Foundation in place to help people in need. In any scenario, the MTJ Foundation will profit from the proceeds of the MTJ Brand, not him personally. Promoting peace and opposing violence are the most pressing needs of the hour. He has been working around the clock to bring peace to the world as soon as possible.

The Meem Schooling Project and the Al Hasanain Schools of Excellency Studies were created by Maulana Tariq Jameel. Maulana Tariq Jameel, Distinguished Sir or Madam, was also rebuked when public opinion was high and civil war looked to be brewing. He also won a presidential award for his contributions to the country. As a result, the sequence of events strongly shows that this person is trustworthy and honest. By founding the corporation and announcing it publicly, he took the first positive step. The next natural step is to make a public statement on how MTJ Brand's profits will be used. Theological education's mark of public-funds dependency should be eradicated as the third commendable step.

MTJ Brand Store Opening Ceremony

Public Funds' Reliability of Theological Education.

Maulana Tariq Jameel, a well-known religious scholar, introduced the apparel company "MTJ," which he launched earlier this month under his own name and opened its main shop today. In Islamabad, Molana Tariq Jameel erected a store for his MTJ brand. Molana Tariq Jameel inaugurated the MTJ store on April 29th, Friday in b17 capital square mall.

Throughout the history of Islam, students have never been forced to rely on sponsorship in this way. Students used to go about their regular lives while obtaining their theological education. The overthrow of the Islamic regime, on the other hand, threw everything into disarray. All public welfare efforts would fall disproportionately on religious careers. As a result, in the absence of taxation and other sources of revenue, public backing was the only way to keep the firm.

Islamic law requires governments to collect taxes from the general public in order to improve people's lives and reduce racial and economic inequity. They can use the money toward programs like clothing, housing, and food distribution, as well as education, health, public awareness, security, and research. Academics say that the issue of reliance on public funds for theological education should have been addressed sooner, given the historical backdrop. It is, however, never too late to start afloat.

The products of MTJ Online are:

 According to our research, the MTJ brand offers a diverse selection of items. They've set up a complete online store called MTJ Online, where we may shop for a broad variety of clothing.

The following are the product categories:

1-Unswitched Cloths

2-Switch Cloths

3-Embroidered Cloths

4-Clothing for Men

5-Shalwar Kameez







12-Men's fragrance

13-Women's fragrance

On local purchases of PKR 1500 or more, MTJ offers free delivery. Furthermore, orders received before midnight in Pakistan will be delivered the same day. The benevolence of Maulana Tariq Jamil inspired the birth of this fashion line. We strive to deliver excellent service to our customers.

MTJ Clothing Brand and Fashion Industry:

The MTJ Clothing Brand should strive to be at the top of the fashion business in terms of etiquette. Actors in the fashion industry do not have the appropriate training. I'm not trying to make people feel bad, but they don't appear to be capable of deciding what's best for their personality and the social consequences of their actions. The bulk of media proprietors are illiterate or solely interested in generating money, to the point of dismissing humility, culture, and morals. The MTJ Clothing Brand should address this issue by representing the great majority of Pakistanis' culture and values. Only ideas and cultures that resonate with Pakistani lives are worth spreading, not those associated with bordellos.

How can MTJ Clothing regulate the market?

It is vital in the apparel sector to have a fair pricing mechanism. It is also critical to bring high quality and value to the table. I am confident that MTJ Clothes Brand will have a beneficial impact on the clothing business. Pakistan must get control of the garment sector in order to enhance its exports and economy. Pakistan sells high-quality cotton garment raw materials to a number of nations. The government can improve manufacturing and dying skills by trading on incubators in areas where expectations aren't too high. Gains in knowledge, wealth, and experience, on the other hand, have the potential to raise the enterprise in every way.

For a variety of reasons, the Pakistani government has been unable to impose control over the country's business sector. The majority of the time, business owners refuse to comply with government regulations, while dishonest officers actively attempt to prevent others from doing so. A business with the right mindset, which does not loot or escape taxes, can control the market and notify lawmakers.


Businesses have an important role in the evolution of society. The fate of a country is determined by its businesspeople. Pakistan desperately needs more businesses like MTJ Clothing and MTJ Brand. The notion of the MTJ brand has the power to improve Pakistani lives. The government will be able to bring the people together and give them a sense of belonging.

Connected with tradition, enlightened by truth and inspired by inner goodness, we uphold all
the values that reflect purity of character. With Molana Tariq Jamil as our guiding light,
we seek to preserve a legacy of graciousness.

Our traditional attire is the epitome of all the virtues we have kept alive and built upon.
In every stitch, we have sewn the nobility our culture stands for. In every design, we
rediscover the elegance that has stood the test of time.